The Short and Long Term Plans for Al Unlocked

I briefly talked about expanding the scope of this site before, but I never went into too much detail. Right now I want to share my content plan for the next little while and shed some light on what I want this site to be. Right now I have short term plans over the next couple of months, and long term plans with no definitive timeline but that I want to complete.

Short Term Plans

The biggest new thing I want to implement into the regular content of Al Unlocked is streaming via! I’ve rebranded my old channel to match up with the website! This is the perfect place to come hang out with me, put a voice to my writing, and ask me what my current thoughts are live! I’ll be focusing on my Kingdom Hearts 2 coverage, but there’s a lot more I want to do as well. This coming week alone is pretty jam packed. First off on Tuesday, December 4th I’ll be doing a special stream for the launch of Hearthstone’s newest expansion: Rastakhan’s Rumble, where I’ll be opening a ton of card packs with practically zero knowledge of what any of the cards are. Next on Thursday, December 6th I’ll be going live in time to watch The Game Awards broadcast! If you want to chat about the awards show and the big announcements that are sure to happen there, this is the perfect opportunity! And lastly on the evening of Friday, December 7th I’ll live playing Super Smash Bro. Ultimate! This stream will kick off a weekend of Smash Ultimate content, as well as a Progressive Looks series for Smash Ultimate.

I would also like to take this opportunity to talk about the individual games I plan to examine in Progressive Looks and reviews. Apart from Kingdom Hearts 2, I will be doing a sort of retrospective of sorts for KH2 and all of the games available in the PS4 collections after KH2. This means content for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep 0.2. This will all lead up to the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on January 25th, 2019, which I will be covering as well. If I have the time I will also touch upon Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, but I won’t make any promises right now. Expect periodic updates on Soul Calibur VI and Forza Horizon 4 as well, but I’ll be focusing on Kingdom Hearts and Smash Ultimate pretty extensively for the next two months. However, please look forward some special end-of-year stuff, specifically my Game of the Year discussion, and what I like to call my Biggest Dodged Bullet of the Year discussion!

Long Term Plans

Here is where I start going wild with ambitious ideas! Well, not too ambitious hopefully. First of all, I hope to expand into podcasting via Al Unlocked, starting in the early months of 2019. The idea right now is for it to be bi-weekly, but plans could change as this is in the extreme preliminary stage. I cannot stress enough that this is in the early planning stage. My hope is that we can have group discussions on news stories in gaming, what we’ve been playing lately, and other special discussion topics!

Finally, I would like to talk about video content. Separate from live streaming, I hope to create video content to go alongside my written reviews. This way you have more ways to access content! This will most likely be implemented during the summer of 2019 at the earliest, so don’t expect anything anytime soon.

My goal for Al Unlocked is to eventually have as many ways to access content on the website as possible. Are you on public transit and want something to read? Check out the written blog content! Are at work and want to listen to something to pass the time? Podcasts are for you! Whatever your preferred medium, I want to be able to provide you with great video game content! I’m only one Al however, so all of this will take time. Please bear with me while I improve on the site. Stay tuned! It’ll be worth it.

My livestream can be found here:

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