A February Al Unlocked Update

It’s been a while since I last spoke about the website itself. I’ve just been so focused on the Kingdom Hearts marathon that I haven’t thought about talking about any other plans, but I want to fix that now. I’ve got two new series in the works, and updates on existing plans. I’ll get straight to the point without any fluff and lay everything out right now.


Al Downloaded.

Both of my upcoming series come from a similar idea and serve as a way to look at a game after my initial posts on it. The first of these I’m calling Al Downloaded, a series where I look at look at only major Downloadable Content updates for games. These can be major expansions or content patches, extra characters added to a fighting game for example, or extra story chapters. Each different type of DLC will be approached in a different way, like character based DLC will be a character breakdown plus review, or story/content updates will be reviewed compared to the main game as well as on it’s own merits. Some possible upcoming entries of Al Downloaded could be a look at the new Piranha Plant character in Smash Ultimate, or the story expansion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 titled Torna ~ The Golden Country.


The Post-Al Report.

When I review single-player only games I try to play as much as I can within the main campaign, and I don’t look at endgame/post-game content. With the Post-Al Report, I want to look at this kind of content and review that. I want to see if it’s worth playing these games after seeing the end credits based on things like fun-factor and challenge. These would be compared against the game’s main campaign so that I can see how the game evolves its own mechanics and tests the player’s abilities. An example of The Post-Al Report that I’ll definitely be doing in the future is (yet another) marathon of the Kingdom Hearts series, which is famous for it’s post-game content.



Unfortunately I don’t have any substantial updates on this front, but I have a few people that are interested in collaborating on a podcast, so that might turn into a project in the future.


Video Content.

I don’t have anything to report on video content either, but I feel like this could be a long way off based on time constraints. With my job and other life obligations it’s hard enough finding time for my current plans, but maybe things will change.


I’m really excited to expand Al Unlocked’s content and I want to see where this all takes me. Stay tuned!

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